10 Nozzle Auto Filling Machine

Performs filling the volumetric.
10 can be manufactured as Nozulludur.4,6,8 Nozzle.
Weight setting is set from the control panel.
You can refill from the bottom as an option.
Easy to external and production line assembly facilities
can be easily refill the settings from the touch control panel.
Machine thanks to the CIP it cleans itself.
Servo and produced as hydraulic piston.
150 liter automatic level filling capacity is available.
with clamp systems in the filling valves and nozzles for machine cleaning easy disassembly possibility of
hydraulic piston filling
Optionally, double-walled funnel and thermostat temperature control system can be implemented.
Machine capacity of 3000 pieces / hour
machine has a 2-year maintenance and repair garatil.
performs the filling from the bottom product in the foaming process.

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